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On Earth Day each year, create 5K Fitbitathon fundraisers in all major cities across the US to raise money for The Greta Thunberg Foundation.

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Eco-friendly Workout Attire

Sustainable Walking & Running Shoes

Why Bamboo Sheets?

Within Walking Distance, WWD for short is located within the Fitbit Premium App and is powered by Google Assistant and Maps. Users will be able to search the desired radius to find things to do nearby to reduce their carbon footprint just by exercising!

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Corporate Wellness & Project Parka' Mile Away

Park Free: Fitbit app, Google Maps & Assistant integrated to tell Fitbit users where they can park for free a mile away from their places of employment.


Fitbit Pay & Charity

Gives Fitbit users the option to donate to climate change after every transaction, feature can be enabled/disabled.

Charity Organization: The Greta Thunberg Foundation

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