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A dash of this

And a dash of that,

Pickled eyeballs

And rabid bats.


Magic dust

And sautéed cat,

A drop of blood

And roasted rat.


Witch’s potion

Chanting spells,

Whisking, stirring

Time will tell.


Wicked laughs

A tasty treat,

This concoction’s

Now complete!


Take a sip

If you dare,

There’re side-effects

So beware.


If you shrink

Half in size,

And start to grow

A third eye…


And if your face

Turns emerald green,

And if it’s on



You’re out of luck

You can’t reverse,

Or undo

This witch’s curse!


The only way

To stop the change,

Yes, I know

This might sound strange.


Go and see

The Wizard of Odd;

One swirl

Of his whimsical rod,


Will stop the process

In its track.

And if your finger nails

Turn black…


You’re out of luck

You can’t reverse,

Or undo

This Witch’s Curse!



Babies babble

Sheep baa

Geese gabble

Goats ma-a-a


Bees buzz

Crows caw

Crickets chirp

Donkeys he-haw


Dogs woof

Cows moo

Cats meow

Pigeons coo


Lions roar

Wolves howl

Snakes hiss

Bears growl


Turkeys gobble

Roosters cock-a-doodle-do

Elephants trumpet

Owls who


Frogs rib-bit

Giraffes bleat

Ducks quack

Birds tweet


Horses neigh

Monkeys eek

Pigs oink

Mice squeak


Foxes yelp

Cuckoos cuckoo

Bulls bellow

Gulls mew


Dolphins click

Mockingbirds mock

Hyenas laugh

And humans talk

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